Roadhouse Orange Park

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Games & More

Buzztime Trivia
Buzztime is a titan of fun. The maestro of casual entertainment – purveyor of playtime since 1985. We give people an enjoyable way to unwind from a hectic day and reconnect with friends and family. Our casual games ignite quick thinking and inspire spontaneous laughter. And locations with Buzztime are at the heart of the action.

While we don’t take ourselves too seriously, this is a pretty serious business. NTN Buzztime, Inc. is a publicly traded company. (Amex: NTN-News) We are a premier developer and distributor of casual, interactive entertainment via multiplayer, out-of-home, real-time TV games. Say that five times fast!

We give customers a way to build their business by engaging patrons and giving them an irresistible reason to stay longer, buy more and come back often. It’s all about showing people a really darn good time – and Buzztime is, hands down, the best way to do just that.

The Dart Room
Looking for a good game of Darts? Well you've come to the right place. We have 3 Steel Regulation Dartboards & 2 Electronic Coin Operated Dartboards!

Plus, it's a great spot for Dart Tournaments and Dark Leagues! Check back here for more details on upcoming Dart Tournaments and Dart Leagues. Also, FOLLOW US on Facebook to get immediate updates!

The Pool Room
Like shooting a friendly game of Pool? We have 6 Pool Tables for you and your friends to enjoy. We even offer "FREE" Pool on designated nights. Our Pool Room also hosts: 6 Pool Tables, 1 downloadable Juke Box, Sweepstakes Games and Quater Pusher Machines, and Silver Strike Bowling. If you're not in the mood for Darts, Foosball, or LIVE music, check out our Pool Room for some fun filled games and entertainment.